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Fourth Trimester Support

Why I'm here for you.

I believe that no matter whether you are a first time mum, second, third, fourth, etc. You become a new mum each time you birth. 

Every birth is different, personal circumstances are different each time and realistically, the way we birth may not have been our ideal plan. There are so many factors to consider when preparing to bring a new tiny human in to the world and I just want to help make that transition easier for YOU. I will be there to debrief with you, support you mentally, emotionally and physically. I will do what you need me to do may it be house work, errands, a shoulder to cry on, someone to talk to - whatever you need me for I will show up. And when I do show up, I will do with yummy extras.

Please contact me with any queries or feelings you may have in relation to your upcoming birth and/or pregnancy.


Postpartum Visits: About Me
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