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Birth Companion Packages

My Doula services provide unshakable support to you and your family before, during, and after birth. Prenatally I will ensure that we have spent enough time together to understand your wants, needs, past traumas (if any) and gain a very clear understanding of what you want from me.

From there, I will be with you every step of the way, a phone call, a text or zoom call to ensure that I am filling your cup and am able to support you throughout this journey the way that you need me to.

Birth Day - when the day comes, I will be with you, supporting you and your support network, practicing everything we have spoken about and worked towards. I am YOUR Birth Companion.

During our post-partum visits, this is your time to debrief your birth story, to ask questions, for me to help fill in the gaps, to find additional support if needed. My main focus here is you - and your mental status. If you want me to sit with you and hold the baby whilst you shower, that is fine, whilst you go to the toilet - sure I'll be there, to make you a tea so you can drink it whilst it's hot, I got you.

Before we agree that it is safe for us to disconnect, I will keep in constant contact with you to check on how you're doing and to help you with anything you might need.

Birth Companion Packages: Services

Investment Guide



x2 Prenatal catch-ups
24/7 text & email support
Birth Attendance
x1 Postpartum debrief
+ extra goodies



x3 Prenatal catch-ups
24/7 text & email support
Birth Attendance
x2 Postpartum catch-ups

+ extra goodies



x4 Prenatal catch-ups
24/7 text & email support
Birth Attendance
x3 Postpartum catch-ups
+ extra goodies



x3 Prenatal catch-ups
24/7 text & email support
x3 Postpartum catch-ups
+ extra goodies



x1 Postpartum support planning session (prenatally)
x5 Postpartum support sessions spread across the first 12wks
24/7 text & email support
+ extra goodies



Not what you're looking for? Contact me to discuss a personalised plan*



30 – 45min Photoshoot, location TBA.
20x high res-edited digital images with the option to upgrade.
Gown included – your choice selected through @laneway.eleven

Birth Companion Packages: Price List
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